Yendi Cuts Hair and Donates it to Charity

Yendi and Bolt
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Created OnMay 11, 2012

In April 2011 Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 cut her hair and donated it to the charity "Locks of Love".

The organization uses these donations to provide needy children, whom have lost their har due to medical circumstance, with wigs.

On April 17, 2011 Yendi shared on her facebook page the new look and commented.

To be free of what society tells you to be,
as you were created,
Rid of the face mask painted,
no chemicals to strip my mane,
returned to the kinks & curls of my DNA,
This is I was made to be... a beauty
B.E.A.U.T.Y.- Being exceptional and unique through you

Yendi also indicated that as a role model she wanted to encourage young girls and women to appreciate their natural beauty. She added "I want women to know that itís okay to embrace who you are, and you donít need anything artificial to feel beautiful, though if they want to choose these things, itís also okay, as long as they truly embrace themselves".